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Hair Instructions

Mailing Hair and Cremains 

After you have placed your order for one of our keepsake pieces you will receive an email with the address to ship your hair and/or cremains to with specific packaging instructions.

Hair needed for Horseshoe Keepsake

When collecting hair for your piece we will need a 6 inch piece of tail hair roughly the size of a marker. We will always work with whatever amount you have available. Please keep your hair together with a rubber band or small elastic. We ask if you could avoid braiding it as it can be hard to manipulate. Do not pre wash the hair before shipping. I will wash the hair once it has arrived. If you have already washed the hair make sure it is completely dry before shipping as it can mold in the packaging. Your hair will be marked the second we receive it and is always handled with respect and care. Your piece can take up to 8 weeks to be completed depending on our waitlist and the complexity of your design. You will receive a photo of the finished piece before it is sent out. Any unused hair will be returned if you wish.

Hair needed for Pendant Keepsake


We need much less hair for pendants but it is best to supply more then less so we can pick and choose the best strands to use for the piece. We would recommended a 4 inch lock of hair roughly the thickness of a pencil. 

White/Blonde/Grey Hair


If you are sending hair that is a light color, please understand that it may not be as bold and visible as a dark colored hair. The best way to get an idea of how visible your hair will look inside the resin is to take some of the hair and hold it under water. If it disappears then it will not be visible in the resin. We have done pieces where we have not had an issue seeing the white hair inside the resin but because all hair is different it is best you test it out with this trick before placing an order. If we foresee any issues with the type of hair you send we will contact you and advise you on the best design options for the hair to be as visible as possible. If you have any questions,  please don't hesitate to call and discuss any concerns you may have! We will advise you on the best options for the type of hair you wish to use.

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