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We want you to enjoy your handmade artwork for a long time so treat it right!


-All resin does yellow some over time. We carefully choose high quality, UV resistant resin for all our pieces but this does not guarantee that it wont discolor. Protecting your piece and avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is key to lasting clarity!


-Avoid harsh chemicals! Mild soap and water can be used with a soft cloth to clean the surface of the resin. Resin is water resistant but should not be purposely submerged or soaked in water if you can help it.


-Resin is an extremely durable material, but it can still scratch, melt, chip or break. Be aware of exposing your piece to high heat and objects that could potentially scratch its surface. All coasters are made with heat resistant resin that will withstand a hot mug. Do not drop!


Jewelry and metal keepsakes may tarnish over time caused by natural occurrences due to things like humidity, sweat, chemicals and hydrogen sulfide in the air. To protect your jewelry we do not recommend everyday use. When giving your jewelry a break, wipe down with a protectant and polish with a cloth. Store it in a cool, dry place such as a jewelry box or pouch. We do not except returns on tarnished pieces. Biggest thing is to keep your jewelry dry!

- Tumblers are carefully handcrafted to last you years of use if you care properly for it! They are beautiful and functional yet still a work of art that took days sometimes weeks to create and complete. You must care for it carefully. The most important rule is that they are NOT dishwasher or microwave safe and should never be left soaking in a sink. Hand wash and towel dry only! Do not drop your tumbler as this can cause chipping or cracking resulting in the seal breaking which will completely ruin your cup.  Because our cups are handmade, small imperfections may happen such as specs of dust or glitter. We do our very best to make sure everything is perfect yet sometimes these things are unavoidable. 


All products sold by Z&K Resin have a no return policy. We will always email you the final product before shipping so you can approve the design. Please call or email us directly and we will be sure sort out any issues you may have. 


Z&K Resin creates digital content on multiple social media platforms. If you wish to not be tagged in the posts or have your custom piece displayed publicly, please contact us directly and we will be sure to respect your privacy. Your personal information is always kept confidential and never sold or displays publicly.

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